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At MTE everyone who registers for our productions receives a role in the show. No prior experience is necessary, however, a positive attitude, hard work and commitment is required. Everyone must do their part of making sure the show is the best it can be. This includes memorizing lines by the given off-book date, attending all rehearsals unless you are sick and being a team player in and outside of rehearsals.​

While disappointment is inherent in the world of theatre, we encourage every student to accept the role they are offered with grace. Every role you play in theatre is a new experience that adds to your skills & training. Parents can help us by reinforcing this truth at home!


Cast lists will be sent out by email after auditions and the casting process is complete. 

Tuition is non-refundable. This includes students who choose to drop out of the show. Please carefully consider your schedule before registering for a production.


For everyone's safety, no dresses, skirts, open-toed shoes or dangling jewelry in rehearsals. 

Dress Code for rehearsals:

  • T-shirts 

  • Sweatpants or leggings

  • Tennis shoes, character shoes or jazz shoes

  • Hair must be up and out of your face. 


At Musical Theatre East, we believe that kindness towards one another wins. Kindness is a calling of Christ in our lives. Kindness makes us better human beings. Kindness creates an environment in which we all feel valued and loved. Kindness also helps our shows and individuals to be exceptional! 

  • Encourage each other in our victories, and mistakes.

  • Let the director give direction.

  • Speak and behave respectfully to all staff, volunteers and other cast members.

  • Realize that all roles are vitally important to the success of our shows, no matter how many lines someone has.

  • Be respectful towards others costumes & props and do not touch them if they are not yours.

  • Be kind to YOURSELF. We act as a creative outlet and all MTE productions are judgement free zones.

  • Speak words of life in all situations (including ones outside of rehearsals).

We reserve the right to dismiss any student from classes due to discipline issues.


If you will miss a rehearsal due to illness or emergency, please contact your director directly. Please note that we reserve the right to re-cast an actors role if they miss more than two rehearsals during the semester. 

Dress rehearsals & performances are mandatory for all performers. If a dress rehearsal is missed, the cast member will not be allowed to participate in the show.

Attending rehearsals, dress rehearsals & performances are vital to the success of the overall production and maintaining integrity & dedication as a team.


Parents, legal guardians, minor students and adult students agree to indemnify and hold harmless Musical Theatre East, its instructors, employees and rented facilities from any and all claims or liabilities that may result from acts, whether negligent or not, that may occur during scheduled rehearsal times or any other activities engaged in by students before, during or after scheduled rehearsal times. Note: Each student should be covered under some kind of individual insurance policy. Musical Theatre East will not be held responsible.


Musical Theatre East has permission to use my child's photographs in its promotional materials and publicity efforts. I understand that the photograph may be used in a publication, print ad, direct-mail piece, electronic media or other promotion. I release Musical Theatre East, their photographer, employees, and designees from any liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right I may have in connections with such use.


Theatre takes a village and we couldn't do it without our families! We do ask that each family signs up for at least one job each semester at the parent meeting. 

  • Costuming

  • Concessions

  • Ushers

  • Spotlight Operator

  • Promo Video

  • Parent Monitors 

  • Production Team Gifts Coordinator

  • Cast/Crew Meal Coordinator

  • Cast Party Host

  • Van Load/Unload

  • Fun-Raiser Event Helper


  • Set Build/Paint Day (For Students)

  • Tear Down (For Students/Parents)

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